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bullet GuliblGoym
02 Sep : 16:20
Yah I miss the ol days
bullet notree
28 Aug : 00:05
So many good times playing bf2.. those were the days.
bullet sam299sam
20 Aug : 00:46
Been a long time. i miss playing bf2 with youall. i guess things are really different in the gaming community.
bullet GuliblGoym
31 Jul : 13:39
u focking wot m8?
bullet hhcheese
28 Jul : 11:02
I heard you were talkin shit m8

Also yes Bf2 is pretty much dead and it depresses me. I still occasionally play with because the bf2 servers are dead..
bullet GuliblGoym
17 Jul : 15:13
bullet freakboy
13 Jun : 13:05
Do you think it is the modernized feel of the controls and weapons?
12 Jun : 21:43
Life was more fun when BF2 was king. None of these new games are league friendly.
12 Jun : 21:41
And Touchy Monster
bullet Spooky
24 May : 13:28
Remember what a scrub Cheese was...

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»BF4’s mobile anti-air vehicles getting nerfed again in a future update
The MAA is getting nerfed yet again in Battlefield 4.
»Battlefield 4 will not support DirectX 12
There will be no DirectX 12 update for Battlefield 4 or Hardline.
»Check out Battlefield 4’s new jungle map in action
The brand new Operation Outbreak map looks great in a new video.
»Battlefield 4 possibly getting Skill and scoring tweaks
Future BF4 update might include tweaks to the scoring system and the way player Skill score is calcu ...
»New BF4 60Hz server tick rate is great. Unless you’re on maps with water…
The faster server tick rate in BF4 is great. Unless you're playing on maps with water.
»New Battlefield 4 update could completely ruin tank controls
DICE is testing an incredibly stupid idea for tanks in BF4
»New BF4 community mission wants a lot of kills with the Defibrillator
New community mission is a tough one.
»New Battlefield 4 server update fixes “dusting” problem
New server patch aims to fix the annoying "dusting" issue.
»New BF4 map “Dragon Valley 2” looks stunning in these screenshots
The upcoming Battlefield 4 map will be one of the best looking BF4 maps ever.
»Awesome Battlefield 4 flank gets player 20 kills in 30 seconds
One of the best flanks we've ever seen on Operation Metro nets a player 20 kills in just 30 seconds. ...

Date published: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 17:25:21 +0000

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